Plus one (+1) Button in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool

Hello, Today Google makes new change that make search algo more transparent. To get your website ranked, you need to put +1 Button on your website. Whenever your button will be clicked, this action will be displayed in Google Analytics as well as in Google Webmaster Tool.

In Google analytics tool you can see this feature in new interface. You need to go Visitors >> Social. In social you can check number of Facebook Likes, Twitter Tweets and Google +1 click.

These action actually pass information of your content popularity to Google. By analyzing your popularity over subject, your ranking in decided in Social search (Social Search is different to Organic search).

In Google webmaster tool, you can see new “+1 Matrix” dropdown just after “Your site on Web”. In webmaster tool, you can see search impact of this +1 matrix and this matrix can be compared by CTR.

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