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An Examination of how New York’s Top Digital Marketing Companies have Boosted Employment after the COVID-19 Pandemic


The need for talented digital marketers is rapidly rising within the marketing industry as businesses are forced to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly contributed to the normalization of online shopping and having any product and/or service conveniently shipped and/or performed from the comfort of your home.

Opportunities Attained By The Brands

Brands have responded to these changes by focusing on digital channels and spending more time perfecting e-commerce marketing tactics. Thus, increasing the demand for marketers with skills in paid advertising, social media management, data analytics, and more.

This shift in consumerism is taking place all across the world and agencies are quickly working to secure talent and establish themselves as the top experts in the digital marketing space. Therefore, in this article, we will take a closer look at the global business hub of New York City and examine how digital marketing agencies are contributing to employment within the city.

About the New York’s Marketing Agencies

New York City alone has 1000+ marketing agencies that are hiring new roles daily and constantly looking for talented individuals to be added to their team.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top agencies to work at in New York City and included the approximate number of employees currently working there.

Analysis from the Top 5 Companies

Power Digital Marketing

PDM is a data-driven, and ROI focused marketing agency that offers services in anything from SEO and PPC to Social Media and Public Relations. They have worked with many notable clients, such as, The Crack Shack, Jenny Craig, and Berkshire Hathaway. The agency has numerous locations across the United States and has upwards of 500+ employees working for them.


Bandujo is another full-service creative advertising and digital marketing agency. They were founded in 1993 and are well known in New York City for their talented team of specialists in branding and identity, paid social, email marketing, video creation, and more. They currently house close to 50+ employees and have worked with brands like Hugo Boss, Kumon, and Chase Banks.

Grizzly New Marketing

Grizzly New Marketing is a large marketing agency native to Europe but has expanded into the United States with a headquarters in New York City. Grizzly New Marketing boasts over 180 experienced specialists with a high level of skill in website optimization and SEO. They have a large roster of clients and have worked with the likes of Mammut, Kanaha Kai Maui, and Steve Madden.


Ogilvy is a famous name within the marketing industry and has produced some of the greatest advertising campaigns in history. They are headquartered in New York City and boast an impressive portfolio of clients, including but not limited to Coca Cola, Dove, San Pellegrino, and IKEA. This full-service agency has 10,000+ employees with specialists in every facet of marketing.

Hunter Digital

Hunter Digital is an agency that strictly specializes in e-commerce and digital marketing services. They employ approximately 25 people at their New York office and are notorious for achieving phenomenal results for their clients. Some of these clients are Adidas, Nununu, Chelsea Wine, and American Express.

Power Digital Marketing500+ Employees
Bandujo50 – 100 Employees
Grizzly New Marketing150 – 200 Employees
Ogilvy10,000+ Employees
Hunter Digital25 – 50 Employees

In this next section, we have taken some popular digital marketing roles that can be found in New York City and compared their average salaries.


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