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How to Become Specialist – Certifications Name, Detail and Requirement

There are total 6 certifications that are required for any google ads specialist to prove their expertise.

To become a Google Ads Specialist, you need to have decent experience of running Google ads on various subjects like travel, services, e-commerce etc. You need to pass certifications to maintain your profile. These Google Ads specialist certifications help you get more clients and prove your expertise.

  1. Search Ads certifications
  2. Display Ads certifications
  3. Shopping Ads certifications
  4. Video Ads certifications
  5. Measurement Certifications
  6. Google Ads Apps Campaign

When you complete these certifications, awards are displayed on your SkillShop profiles. Your clients and employers can check your awards from that profile page.


These certifications are also required to get the Google Partners badge. If you run Google Ads manager account (Earlier known as MCC account), at least 50% of your users must be certified in order to be eligible for Google Partners Badge along with other required criteria.

How to become Certified Google Ads Specialist

School4Seo provides offers your free study material online to pass these certifications in first attempts. You can even buy the Answersheet of these certifications. If you are new to this industry, you are suggested to run some campaigns and get some idea about how it works.

To be a Google Ads specialist, you must have some hands-on experience on Ad copy writing, reporting, bidding, targeting. This all you know when you run the campaigns. Start with Search and Display campaign. Video, Shopping and Google Ads Apps campaign are the sub type of these 2 (Search and Display) campaigns.

Hire to Take Your Google Ads Certifications

If you are running out of time or want to invest your time in generating more leads or doing useful stuffs, you can hire me to take your certifications on your behalf at a very nominal price.

I have been working for more than 140 Digital Agencies for last 7 years to manage their certifications.

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