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How to select Best Pay Per Click Advertising Company for your business?

A company can be best when they get you better number of leads at positive ROI and help you increase the profit. Pay Per Click companies not only helps you generate leads but help you to promote your brands too. These companies can create the awareness among your potential users on the basis of their interest and demographic data.

If you are going to choose the Pay Per Click Advertising firm, check their existing work experience and how the company has helped the businesses similar to you.  Every company claims that they are the best in industry but they can never be best for every domain/subject.

Some pay par click companies can be good in Travel domain but there is no guarantee that they will do good for e-commerce sector too.

There are number of companies with proven track record that can help you get better leads numbers at positive ROI. But you need to check their track record.

What to check before signing the agreement with company

  • Check if they have Google Partners Badge.
  • Check the SkillShop profile of your account manager. You will know about the certifications your manager has earned.
  • Ask them about their experience and what they have done to improve ROI and lead cost.
  • A new account can be optimized within a month. Ask them how much time they will take to optimize your account at the level where your ROI will become positive and number of leads will come at better level.
  • How many similar business campaigns have they run so far?
  • What is the lead cost if they have run the campaign for similar businesses?

Average Fee to manage the campaign

Some companies charge between 10% – 15% of your total budget. Many companies charge fix amount of $1000 to $2500 per month. Negotiate with them. If the company is actually great, they will charge you extra but the overall ROI will be far better than the mediocre companies.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management and Tasks

Whoever manages your Pay Per Click campaign, is responsible for writing great ad copies, optimize bids and generate reports. Under the management of pay per click campaign, ROI is the bottom line. Only disciplined and experienced manager can handle the tasks efficiently. Following are the task they should perform.

  • Setting up account
  • Define goals
  • Create campaigns with correct targeting and budget
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Selection of Keywords with right matches
  • Writing Ad Copies
  • A/B Testing of Ad copies
  • Ad Scheduling (if required)
  • Generating reports and analyzing the data
  • Keep eye on negative keywords
  • Device targeting and analysis of ROI etc.

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