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Test My Site – A Google tool that provides specific recommendations


TestMySite is an essential Google tool that provides specific recommendations on how you can improve your mobile site to deliver fast, personalized, and seamless experiences.

If you are a Marketer, Google lets you use this tool to share the personalized report. You can start the conversation on mobile experience and its prioritization with your developer or product team. You can then work together to create an optimization plan around the recommended fixes. You should review your performance report from the Test My Site tool.

Link to the tool:

TestMySite – report

This tool gives you recommendation to speed-up your website. Let’s you know about high impact fixes for your website. This tool tells you to build an experience that loads your site in less than one second – with or without a network connection.

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It suggests you to avoid enormous network playloads. If you are a blogging website, it tells you consider showing excerpts in your post like (e.g. via more tag), reducing the number of posts shown on a given page, breaking your long post into multiple pages, or using a plugin to lazy-load comments.

It can also suggest you to eliminate render-blocking resources and differ unused CSS.

Test My Site tool can recommend you to personalize your website’s UX according to your customer’s need and keeping them engaged with relevant content. This tool suggest you to do A/B test, seamless sign-in/up and checkout and enhance your web experience.

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