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Buying insights reveal all of the following EXCEPT:

Buying insights reveal various aspects of how your buyer makes decisions, but they do not reveal the age range of your buyers.

  • Which buyers are receptive and which will ignore you
  • What attitudes prevent your buyers from considering your solutions
  • What resources your buyers trust as they evaluate their options
  • The age range of your buyers

The correct answer is: The age range of your buyers

Explanation: Buying insights delve deep into the decision-making processes of your buyers. They shed light on their priorities, their vision of success, the obstacles they face, their evaluation criteria, and the attributes they prioritize during decision-making. As highlighted in Adelle Revella’s “Buyer Persona”, buying insights provide clarity on which buyers are inclined towards your solution and which aren’t, the relevant facets of your offering, prevailing attitudes that might deter buyers from considering your solutions, trusted resources during their evaluation phase, and the stakeholders in the buying decision along with their influence. However, they don’t specify the age range of the buyers.

Source: HubSpot Lesson: Getting to Know Your Customer


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