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What are the three Offline Sales approaches? Choose three.

The three Offline Sales approaches are 1. Omnichannel + Store Centric, 2. Omnichannel, and 3. Store-Centric.

  • Online
  • Omnichannel
  • Online + Omnichannel
  • Omnichannel + Store Centric
  • Store-Centric

The correct answers are: Omnichannel + Store Centric, Omnichannel and Store-Centric

Explanation: In the retail world, three distinct Online-to-Offline (O2O) strategies can be employed: omnichannel, store-centric, and a synergized blend of both. The omnichannel method harmonizes sales across online and offline domains, ensuring seamless interplay between channels. Store-centric, meanwhile, hones in on offline sales, targeting local consumers to boost store visits and elevate profitability, considering in-store orders often surpass online values. Employing both strategies offers a dynamic approach, catering to diverse shopping habits, and adapting as market trends evolve.


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