Francis wants to increase his Google Ads skills and optimize results for his clients. What two best practices should Francis adopt?

Two best practices Francis should adopt are:

  • Optimize the campaign’s ad rotation for clicks or conversion actions.
  •  Include three to five ads, and at least three extensions in each ad group.

Because Ad rotation is the way we deliver your ads on both the Search Network and the Display Network. As data is accumulated, ad serving will become weighted more heavily in favor of the ads that appear statistically likely to perform better.

Better ads and optimized rotation drive more qualified clicks from your text ads. Every ad group should have at least 3 quality ads. That way, the system can optimize your performance, and you can check your performance data to learn what message resonates best with your audience.

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Use at least three extensions for each campaign or ad group: At the time of each auction, your ad will be assembled with the most appealing extensions. More eligible extensions give your ads more opportunity to meet users’ specific needs.

Implement three to five ads per ad group: The more ads present in an ad group, the more options you’ll have for success in an auction.

Optimize your ad rotation for clicks or conversions: Optimizing your ad rotation will allow the system to serve the ideal ad for the specific circumstances of each auction.

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