Where can a preferred deal be assigned?

  • In the line item’s audience targeting
  • In the line item’s creative assignment
  • In the partner settings, under inventory source
  • In the line item’s inventory source targeting

The correct answer is: In the line item’s inventory source targeting

Explanation: Preferred deals offer the following advantages over regular RTB buying on public exchanges:

Unique inventory: Preferred deals help buyers gain first-look access to the unique inventory they wouldn’t normally be able to buy in the open exchange.

Buyers can also customize which inventory sources to purchase inventory from. The buyer can work closely with the publisher so that they can unlock specific sets of unique inventory (for example, more above-the-fold inventory). This point is dependent on the system controls and the publisher’s ability and willingness to segment out their inventory.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/3289638

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