What is the correct Display & Video 360 account hierarchy?

  • Insertion order > Partner > Line > Advertiser
  • Account > Line item > Advertiser > Insertion order > Partner
  • Partner > Campaign > Advertiser > Insertion order > Line item > Creative
  • Partner > Advertiser > Campaign > Insertion order > Line item > Creative

The correct answer is: Partner > Advertiser > Campaign > Insertion order > Line item > Creative

Explanation: In-Display & Video 360, partners represent agencies, trading desks, or large individual advertisers. It comes top in the hierarchy. Then the advertisers come who work under the partner. Following this, the Campaigns module comes, where you build and execute a cross-channel media plan. You’ll continue to create, optimize, and monitor campaigns, line items, and insertion orders here.

Insertion order is a document containing a set of line items that are related to the same advertising campaign. Insertion orders may optionally contain frequency caps, pacing settings, partner costs, and default targeting criteria for line items.

Each item and its details is called the line item of the Sales / Purchase Order. In simple terminology, If you create a sale order for some 10 items each and every item is called a line item.

In the last of this hierarchy, creatives come. Creatives mean the ad copy or ad designs to convey messages to potential audiences or buyers or pursue them to make sales.

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