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Often, the “last click” before a conversion gets all the credit. But there are often assist clicks and assist impressions that help guide your customers to conversion. Which built-in Google Ads report can show you this performance data?

  • Billing Preferences
  • Campaign Settings
  • Search Funnels
  • Adwords Editor

The Correct Answer is:

  • Search Funnels

Explanation: The Search Funnels Attribution Modeling Tool offers five models for assigning value to the keywords, ad groups, and campaigns that lead to conversions.

Most advertisers measure the success of their online advertising on a “last click” basis. This means they give all credit for a conversion to the last-clicked keyword, which is low in the funnel. But the path to a conversion is complex. On that path, customers can interact with many different Google Ads ads. Giving the last click full credit for a conversion results in missed opportunities to influence customers higher in the funnel.

By recognizing the value of upper-funnel keywords, you can drive more customers through the funnel and generate more conversions as a result.

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