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YouTube’s New Tactic: Videos Skipping to End for Ad-Blocker Users


YouTube has introduced a new tactic in its ongoing battle against ad-blockers, causing frustration among users. Videos are abruptly skipping to the end for many users with ad-blockers installed. This issue specifically targets users with ad-blockers, as disabling them restores normal video playback.

Users also report that attempting to skip to a specific part of the video results in endless loading, adding to the frustration. While some speculate that YouTube is deliberately implementing this tactic to discourage ad-blocker use, others attribute the issue to conflicts with specific ad-blocking software.

Earlier this year, a bug in AdBlock caused videos to load slowly and stress devices running YouTube, prompting accusations against the platform. Interestingly, the current issue predominantly affects users of AdBlock, with users of other ad-blockers reporting fewer instances of the problem.

For affected users, the impact on their viewing experience is significant, rendering the platform nearly unusable. This leaves users with a difficult choice: either disable their ad-blockers and endure intrusive ads or switch to alternative ad-blocking software.

The underlying cause of the problem remains uncertain. Whether YouTube is intentionally implementing this tactic or if it’s a technical issue with certain ad-blockers remains to be seen. However, one thing is clear: users are caught in the crossfire between YouTube and ad-blockers, resulting in a compromised viewing experience.

For now, the most effective solution appears to be disabling ad-blockers, but users are advised to stay vigilant for any updates or fixes that may address the issue in the future.


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