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Google Empowers Users: Introduces Web-Only Search Option & Feedback Tool Amidst AI Overview Backlash


In response to increasing criticism over its AI Overviews, Google has updated its help documentation to guide users on how to show only web results and how to submit feedback on AI Overviews. The updates are designed to address the backlash Google has received concerning the accuracy and usefulness of its AI-generated summaries.

The updated help documentation now includes two new sections aimed at improving user experience and addressing concerns.

How to Show Only Web Links in Google Search

Google acknowledges that AI Overviews, like knowledge panels, are a core feature of Google Search and cannot be completely turned off. However, users can now filter their search results to display only text-based links without additional features such as AI Overviews, videos, or images. To use this feature, users can select the “Web” filter after performing a search, ensuring a more traditional search experience focused solely on web links.

How to Give Feedback on AI Overviews

Recognizing the need for user input to refine AI Overviews, Google has added a detailed process for submitting feedback on these summaries. Users can now report AI Overviews they find unsafe, unhelpful, inaccurate, or otherwise problematic. The feedback process involves:

  1. Clicking the Menu button at the top right of the AI Overview.
  2. Tapping the Feedback option.
  3. Selecting the specific element of the AI Overview the feedback pertains to.
  4. Choosing the appropriate feedback category.
  5. Optionally adding a description for further clarity.
  6. Clicking Send to submit the feedback.
  7. Background and Implications

The updates come amidst widespread criticism from users and industry experts who have found numerous issues with AI Overviews. These issues range from inaccuracies to unhelpfulness, prompting calls for Google to provide more control over how search results are displayed and to ensure higher quality in AI-generated content.

Google’s decision to update its documentation reflects an effort to be more responsive to user concerns and to improve the overall search experience. By allowing users to filter results and submit feedback, Google aims to enhance the functionality and reliability of its AI Overviews.

Well, Some users appreciate the added control and the ability to provide direct feedback, seeing it as a positive step towards improving search quality. Others remain sceptical, questioning whether these measures will be sufficient to address the deeper issues with AI Overviews.

As Google continues to refine its AI technologies, the company remains committed to responding to user feedback and enhancing its search features. The recent updates to the help documentation are a clear indication of Google’s willingness to adapt and improve in the face of criticism. How these changes will impact user satisfaction and the overall efficacy of AI Overviews remains to be seen, but they represent a significant step towards addressing the concerns that have been raised.

For more information and to view the updated documentation, users are encouraged to visit Google’s help page on AI Overviews.


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