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Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Surpasses 40 million Users, Announces Expansion Plans


Netflix has marked a significant milestone as its ad-supported tier reaches a staggering 40 million global monthly active users, a substantial surge from 5 million just a year ago. This announcement underscores the success of Netflix’s strategy to attract new users through more affordable plans, amid intensifying competition in the streaming industry.

The streaming giant launched its ad-supported plan in November 2022, and since then, it has witnessed substantial growth, with 40% of all sign-ups coming from these plans in countries where they are available.

In response to this exponential growth, Netflix has unveiled plans to enhance its advertising capabilities. Amy Reinhard, Netflix’s president of advertising, revealed that the company will introduce an in-house advertising technology platform by the end of 2025. This platform aims to provide advertisers with new avenues for ad buying, insights, and impact measurement, aligning with Netflix’s commitment to excellence in streaming technology.

Moreover, Netflix announced partnerships with additional measurement and verification partners, including Affinity Solutions, DoubleVerify, EDO Inc, and more. These collaborations aim to empower advertisers with comprehensive tools to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

The streaming giant also disclosed its intention to expand its programmatic advertising partnerships, with The Trade Desk, Google’s Display and Video 360, and Magnite joining Microsoft as primary partners. This move signifies Netflix’s dedication to providing advertisers with diverse and effective avenues to reach their target audiences.

Netflix’s ad-supported members are reported to have a higher household income and a younger demographic compared to linear TV audiences, with a median age of 37. The platform boasts impressive engagement metrics, with over 70% of ad-supported members spending more than 10 hours per month engaging with content, surpassing competitors by a significant margin.

Furthermore, Netflix highlighted its upcoming content lineup, featuring a diverse range of series, documentaries, and films. From comedies starring industry heavyweights like Will Ferrell to riveting dramas helmed by acclaimed directors, Netflix aims to captivate audiences across genres.

In a bid to cater to sports enthusiasts, Netflix announced several new sports-focused shows, including documentaries chronicling the journey of legendary athletes and collaborations with the International Olympic Committee.

Additionally, Netflix will continue to expand its live sports offerings, streaming NFL games on Christmas Day this year and in the coming years, further solidifying its position as a premier destination for sports content.

As Netflix continues to innovate and expand its offerings, advertisers can expect new and exciting opportunities to engage with audiences on one of the world’s leading streaming platforms.


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