You want to track conversion actions in your Google Ads account to better measure what matters. Place the steps for setting up a conversion action in order, with the first step on top.

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If you’re just starting out with an ad campaign and have yet to set up conversion tracking in Google Ads, here’s a quick overview of the process.

Correct Sequences are:

  1. Select the specific conversion action in Google Ads.
  2. Copy the code snippet/conversion tag generated.
  3. Add the conversion tracking tag to your website or app.
  4. Review your conversion data to ensure your tag is firing correctly.

Set up a conversion action in Google Ads to measure what you consider to be valuable customer actions. Google Ads will give you a snippet of code, which is called a conversion tracking tag. Add that conversion tracking tag to your website or app. When a customer performs a conversion action(s), the tag will send data back to Google Ads.



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