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Shopping ads can help you grow the business and find new potential customers


Whether you want to create awareness, find new leads, or drive online sales, knowing your goal can help you pinpoint which Google solution makes sense for your business.

Shopping ads can drive sales by putting your product in front of millions of interested online shoppers. If you’re looking to influence a consumer during their purchase journey, Shopping ads are a great fit! Using Shopping ads you can set omnichannel goals. The goals that can be achieved using online and offline channels are called omnichannel goals.

For example, a clothing store is differing a 15% discount to those customers who buy online and pick it up from the store.

Shopping ads can help you:

  • Drive in-store traffic and sales (Offline channel)
  • Drive traffic on the website and generate conversion on your website (Online Channel)
  • Build better customer experiences
  • Use data to fuel your growth

The reason why these goals are important

The consumer journey is changing. Shoppers’ expectations are higher than ever as they engage with new technologies and digital services.

People are purchasing more often but buying less each time. They’re also less loyal to specific retailers.

More sales are happening on eCommerce platforms, where retailers have less control and less access to data. Consumers are also more likely to remember the platform than the brand.

To win, brands must be relevant, helpful, and personal, and they must provide experiences that meet consumer expectations in a profitable way.

Their expectations are heightened – they’re more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever before. Now, people buy what they want, when they want, from whatever retailer or platform gives them the best experience in the moment.

Consumers want to buy from brands that help them:

  •  Discover new things
  •  Find what they need
  •  Have seamless experiences 

What does this mean for retailers?

Here are some of the new objectives for retailers:

  • Meet the needs of these curious, demanding, and impatient consumers
  • Provide personalized experiences that meet their expectations in all the places they are 
  • Increase profitability, traffic, customer base, and sales

How Google can help

Google offers advanced technology to target your potential customers, an understanding of consumers with its solution, and eight platforms with 1 billion users each. You can imagine combining your expertise, merchandising, and insights with all this technology, scale, and data!

Drive traffic and sales

Connect with your potential customers during their shopping journey. The Google ads keep you in control of your brand and help you stand out from the competition.

Build better customer experiences

Once you’ve connected with your customers with the help of Google Ads, remove the friction from their shopping experience to drive sales. Offer them an easy checkout process by letting them buy online or pick up in the store. Let them save their cart items to purchase later. Even the mobile speed matter a lot in the conversions. Use the best technology to serve them speed on the website. Build trust by providing relevant and up-to-date information, such as store address, hours, locations, and in-stock products.

Use data to fuel your growth

Use your data to access the performance and identify the areas that require attention. Check which products are performing, the demographic data of your customers, and find the reasons for cart abandonment. Such data is key to building a robust business. Personalize the customer experience across channels, from product recommendations to dynamic homepages and more. Your decision-making process should be based on the data to certain the success of the marketing campaign.

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