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In video advertising, which of the following techniques should you apply to help people think or feel something?

In video advertising, you should apply the techniques of humanising the story to help people think or feel something.

  • Convey multiple messages to resonate with the masses.
  • Showcase discounts and sales to drive interest.
  • Avoid humour as it’s more subjective.
  • Humanize the story.
  • Humanise the story.

The correct answer is: Humanize the story and Humanise the story.

Featuring people can help you tell a better product story and relate to your consumer. Focusing on people can increase a viewer’s expressiveness (i.e., their emotional reaction, gauged by facial expression) as they see an ad. This increase in expressiveness is tied to cross-funnel campaign improvement.

The rule: If people appear in your video, open with them on screen. And if it fits with your storyline, have them address your audience directly.

The reason: Faces attract immediate attention, heighten emotional motivation, and increase engagement

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