What step would an advertiser take to target a list of email addresses?

  • Create a Custom Affinity audience list
  • Assign a Floodlight tag to an audience list in Campaign Manager
  • Add the email addresses to keyword targeting
  • Create a Customer Match list for TrueView

The correct answer is: Create a Customer Match list for TrueView

Explanation: Customer Match lets you serve ads based on data about your customers that you share with Google. With Customer Match targeting, you can also reach new users by targeting similar audiences to your most valuable customers.

Customer Match is only available for TrueView line items (TrueView and bumper ad formats). It only supports targeting users who are signed into their Google accounts on YouTube. It does not support targeting traffic on Google video partner sites.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/6401903

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