What insertion order settings must be set before a campaign can go live?

  • Auto-budget allocation and targeting
  • Bids and creatives
  • Bid multipliers and goals
  • Budgets and flight dates

The correct answer is: Budgets and flight dates

Explanation: Start in your advertiser, navigate to Campaigns in the left menu, then select an existing campaign or create a new one. Note you can’t create new insertion orders in the system-generated campaign. In your campaign, click the New insertion order button. In the page that opens, enter the following information for your insertion order:

Name for your insertion order. Budget information, including start and end dates. Turn on automatic budget allocation to automatically shift your line items’ budgets based on performance. Pacing settings. The insertion order-level frequency cap. Your performance goal.

Any insertion order-level default targeting. This targeting will be used as default targeting by any line items you subsequently create within your insertion order.

Click Save when you’ve entered all the information above.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/2696705

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