Which two insertion order and line item settings are required? (select two)Select All Correct Responses

  • Auto Budget Allocation
  • Automated bid strategy
  • Pacing
  • Budget

The correct answers are: Budget and Pacing


  • Budgets can be specified in both your insertion orders’ IO Settings and your line items’ Settings, and can be set in terms of an amount of “revenue” to spend or a number of impressions to purchase. Please note, both your insertion order and the line items contained within must use the same type of budget.
  • Pacing is the rate at which a budget is spent. Display & Video 360 has several pacing options which you can use to control how quickly your line items and insertion orders spend their budgets over different periods of time, such as a day, a budget segment, or a flight.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/3114676

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