Proactive offline analysis if Google’s automatic filtering system fails

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Which is the next stage of detection in an Google Ads account, if Google’s automatic filtering system does not successfully remove all potentially invalid clicks?

  • Proactive offline analysis by the Google Ad Traffic Quality Team
  • Advertiser reports suspicious activity in the account
  • Alert from the AdSense team about publisher suspension
  • Third-party analysis of advertiser’s web server logs data

The Correct answer is:

  • Proactive offline analysis by the Google Ad Traffic Quality Team

Explanation: Undoubtedly, some portion of the invalid click activity is not detected by Google’s proactive systems and processes. However, Google is able to effectively minimize that proportion through its proactive monitoring of both advertiser and publisher networks. Google’s belief in the quality of the sites in its network and the accuracy of its automated filtering is supported by the reactive investigations Google undertake on behalf of advertisers who contact with concerns.

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