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Which three features can be used to integrate offline conversion data?(select three)

  • Google Data Studio
  • sFTP
  • Bulksheets
  • Search Ads 360 API

The correct answers are: sFTP, Bulksheets, and Search Ads 360 API


Upload from the Search Ads 360 API: If you have a computer system that maintains conversion data, you can write a program that uses the Search Ads 360 API (application programming interface) to automatically upload conversions.

Upload from a bulk sheet: Enter data about conversions into a spreadsheet, and then upload the spreadsheet to Search Ads 360. Offline conversions for social and auto-track engines can only be uploaded from the Search Ads 360 Conversions API.

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Explanation: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard way of uploading files into a computer system. Secure FTP encrypts data as it’s transferred over the internet. This ensures the privacy and integrity of your data. Secure FTP is usually abbreviated as sFTP. If you upload bulk sheets frequently, you may want to use your own software to upload bulk sheets to a secure FTP endpoint instead of manually uploading through the Search Ads 360 UI.

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