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You work for an online baseball card reseller and store data about each of your sales items offline. Which of these features would let you upload a CSV file that contains item data to join with Analytics data?

  • HTTP request
  • Measurement Protocol
  • Modify event
  • Data import

The correct answer is:  Data import

You can upload CSV files that contain external data to an Analytics property. You can export those CSV files from an offline business tool like your CRM or CMS system, or for smaller amounts of data, you can create the files manually in a text editor or spreadsheet. You can import to Analytics using data import.

When you import data, you create a data source. A data source is the combination of the CSV file you want to upload and a mapping of existing Analytics fields to the fields in your CSV. The CSV file has to include the same fields, or subset of fields, as the original. If you want to import different fields for the same data type, you need to delete the existing data source and create a new one.

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