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  1. Hi Batra. I passed the GA IQ test today and your site was very helpful. If you want me to help add a favicon to your site or center your menu items or give you a better navigation for mobile, let me know, I’ll do it for free for you.


  2. Good day!

    I’d like to know if there is anything that you’d want to improve, repair, or redesign on your website or if you’d like to build a new site altogether? I’m a web designer/developer that can do just about anything you can imagine for a cheap price.

    A stunning and highly efficient site gives you the edge you’ll need to appeal to more clients and improve your sales. This is something I’d like to talk about with you because my services can give you the site you want/need.

    I’ll also provide you with a free consultation to let you know what things are possible with a website these days and how much it costs to get what you want. If you’re interested then just let me know the best number to reach you on and I’ll get in touch with you.

    Thank you!

    Andrew Jackson – Web Developer

  3. The questions have changed on updated September 7th and none of the answers are found here. Can you please check and update answers to the latest questions.


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