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School4Seo Partner Program


We are happily announcing our association program. We are going to list the best minds from the world to help our School4Seo audience. We will be able to deliver insightful content to our audience and they can hire experts to improve their business.

Who can be the partner?

The prime eligibility to become a partner is to have a proven track record. You can be an agency or a freelancer. Show us what you have done and share your performance.

Some information you need to share with us:

  • Share the projects you have worked on. We may cross check with your clients.
  • Plese mention projects with KRAs.
  • Share Google Analytics stats (PDF).
  • How many years of total experience do you have?
  • How many teammates are working in your team?
  • Your complete address, phone, email id and website url.
  • What are all the skills your team and you have?

Time to approve your association request

You will become our associate immediately after getting verified your projects and profile. This whole process may take up to 15 days. But if any discrepancy is found or we find any information not true, even after the approval, your profile will be unpublished on until the issue is resolved.

Benefits and joining fee

  • You can publish 12 articles in a year.
  • Links can be given to maximum 3 websites in total 12 articles.
  • Only 1 link can be mentioned in a single article.
  • Links will be given with rel=sponsored tag
  • Annual fee for the association is €299.


  • First article must be based on your services, experience, team and customer profiles.
  • Only relevant article will be accepted. Please see the list of subjects that can be accepted. Please do not submit the article if subject is other than the listed.
  • Only 1 link can be mentioned in a single article.
  • Link can be given in the last paragraph of the article.
  • Links will be given with “rel=sponsored” tag.
  • Copied content will not be accepted.
  • Website with thin content will not be given any link.
  • Link to spam, cloaking and sneaky redirect sites will not be accepted. In such case your account will be deactivated and all the content will be removed. No amount will be refunded.

List of accptable subjects

  • Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Marketing
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager/Google Workplace/Google Search Console
  • Google My Business/Local SEO
  • Email Marketing (No bulk email service)
  • SEO Friendly Web designing/Development
  • Google Adsense/Publishers/AdMob Services
  • Apps Tracking/Monatization Services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO/SEM/Social Media Tools

List of declined subjects

  • SMS Marketing/Bulk Messages
  • Casino/Betting/Drug/Pharmacy
  • Shopping/E-Commerce
  • Legal/Finance/Insurance Services
  • Cleaning/Flooring/Isulation services
  • Automobile
  • Mobile/Laptop/Electronic Goods and services

And all the subjects other than the acceptable one will be declined (after reviewing).

How to proceed?

Kindly contact me at n@ school4seo [dot]com. Share your company or personal profile, LinkedIn profile, etc. Please wait for at least 15 days so that I can review the profile and projects. After reviewing the profile and projects verification, I shall send you the payment request on PayPal.


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