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Truecaller Collaborates with Microsoft to Introduce Personalized Voice AI Assistant


Truecaller, the renowned caller ID app, has joined forces with Microsoft to introduce a groundbreaking feature that allows users to create a fully digital version of their own voice for use within the app’s AI Assistant. This partnership, announced on May 22, 2024, promises to revolutionize the way users interact with their digital assistants.

Through the utilization of Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech technology, Truecaller users can now record their voice to generate a replicated and authentic version that will be integrated into the app’s AI Assistant. This innovative feature aims to provide users with a sense of familiarity and comfort while interacting with their digital assistant, as highlighted by Raphael Mimoun, Truecaller’s Product Director and General Manager.

The Personal Voice feature enables the AI Assistant to sound just like the user, enhancing the overall communication experience. When screening incoming calls, the assistant will introduce itself with the user’s replicated voice, adding a personalized touch to the interaction.

To ensure privacy and security, Microsoft has implemented Limited Access to the Personal Voice feature, requiring registration and adhering to specific use cases. Additionally, watermarks are automatically added to speech output generated using this feature, further enhancing security measures.

While Truecaller’s AI Assistant has been assisting users since 2022, the integration of Microsoft’s Personal Voice capability marks a significant milestone in delivering a truly personalized communication experience. By allowing users to create custom digital assistants that sound like them, Truecaller aims to enhance user engagement and satisfaction.

However, the introduction of this feature also raises questions about potential discomfort or unease for callers interacting with a robotic version of their acquaintances. Nevertheless, the collaboration between Truecaller and Microsoft represents a step forward in leveraging AI technology to personalize and enrich communication experiences in the digital age.


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