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Google and Foxconn Collaborate to Manufacture Drones and Pixel Smartphones in Tamil Nadu


Google is set to expand its manufacturing operations in India through a partnership with Foxconn, a leading contract manufacturer of iPhones. This strategic move aims to establish local production facilities for Google’s Pixel smartphones and drones in Tamil Nadu.

According to a reports, Google’s expansion aligns with its broader strategy to capture a larger share of India’s premium smartphone market, the second-largest in the world. This collaboration will enable Google to meet the growing demand for high-end smartphones in the country.

In addition to smartphone production, Google’s parent company Alphabet plans to commence drone manufacturing in Tamil Nadu through its subsidiary Wing LLC. Wing LLC currently operates a drone delivery service for businesses in the United States, Europe, and Australia using lightweight, autonomous drones.

This development follows a recent visit by a delegation from Tamil Nadu, led by the state’s Minister of Industries, TRB Rajaa, who met with Google executives in the US to discuss potential investment and collaboration opportunities.

Local contract manufacturer Dixon Technologies is also in talks with Google to produce the Google Pixel 8 smartphones in India. The initial batch of India-made phones is expected to be available by September, with trial production already underway. Dixon aims to produce 100,000 units monthly, with 25-30% designated for export.

These efforts highlight Tamil Nadu’s potential as an advanced manufacturing hub. The state already hosts significant manufacturing operations for Apple, including facilities run by Foxconn, Pegatron, and Tata. Additionally, Google has previously collaborated with HP to manufacture Chromebooks in Chennai, primarily for the education sector.

Google’s local manufacturing plans reflect a broader trend among tech giants to increase their production capabilities in India. Apple, for instance, assembled iPhones worth $14 billion in India during FY2024, accounting for 14% of its global production.

Overall, these initiatives underscore Tamil Nadu’s significant role in India’s electronics manufacturing landscape, contributing $9.56 billion to the country’s electronics exports, nearly a third of the total.


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