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Google Play System Update Brings New Features and Enhancements


Google has rolled out its latest Google Play System update for May 2024, introducing several noticeable enhancements and new features to Google Play Services. These monthly updates are essential for improving the security and reliability of the Android ecosystem while adding useful functionalities for users.

The latest update, identified by the build version v24.20, brings significant improvements and new capabilities across various services within Google Play. Here are the key features and enhancements included in this update:

Key Features and Enhancements

Account Management

Bug Fixes: The update includes multiple bug fixes related to account management services.

Parental Controls: New functionalities have been added to App Activity, allowing parents to monitor their children’s app usage and set time limits across different devices.

Developer Services

Cross-device Services: Users can now seamlessly switch between devices during video calls in apps like Google Meet, enhancing the multi-device experience.

Device Connectivity

Enhanced Settings: A new settings screen has been introduced, making it easier for users to find and use cross-device features.

Security & Privacy

Password Sharing: Google Password Manager now includes a new feature that allows users to securely share their passwords with family members within a family group. When a password is shared, family members receive a copy in their Google Password Manager.


Autofill Enhancements: Updates to the Autofill feature now display the card name and card art in the payment card suggestions, providing a more intuitive user experience.

System Management

Device Storage Improvements: Updates across various devices, including phones, PCs, TVs, and wearables, aim to improve system management services, particularly in optimizing device storage.

Official Changelog for May 2024

  • Google Play Services v24.20 (2024-05-22)
  • Account Management: Bug fixes and new parental control features.
  • Developer Services: Enhanced cross-device video calling capabilities.
  • Device Connectivity: New settings for easier cross-device feature access.
  • Security & Privacy: Secure password sharing with family groups.
  • Utilities: Improved Autofill with card name and art visibility.
  • System Management: Better device storage management across various platforms.

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