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How does Google enforce policy violations?

Google enforce policy violation by disapproving the items and and account suspension.

  • Ad disapproval and campaign suspension
  • Feed disapproval and item suspension
  • Campaign disapproval and ad suspension
  • Item disapproval and account suspension

The correct answer is: Item disapproval and account suspension

There are two types of enforcement for Shopping ads policies: account suspension and item disapproval

Item disapprovals occur when the system determines the item doesn’t meet data quality requirements. For Shopping ads, the offending items are disapproved within Merchant Center. When an item gets disapproved, the rest of the data feed will continue running and showing ads.

Repeated policy violations can lead to account suspension. In addition, some items are not allowed to be advertised via Shopping ads. If you try to promote products that aren’t allowed, your entire Merchant Center account will get suspended.

When items are disapproved, you have a certain number of days to fix the issue. If you don’t, your entire Merchant Center account could get suspended. It’s critical to resolve item disapprovals as soon as possible, to avoid your entire data feed not serving ads.

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