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You manage a company that installs swimming pools. You post a new how-to-video on your website about proper pool maintenance. Google Analytics has a lot of data about user interactions with this video. Which of these choices is a “user property” collected by Google Analytics?

  • How many users opened the page containing the video on your site
  • How many users watched the video on your site
  • Name of the video users can watch on your site
  • The language preference of users watching the video on your site

The correct answer is: The language preference of users watching the video on your site

You can adjust ads personalization for a specific event type or user property in your Google Analytics 4 property. For example, exclude specific events or user properties from being used to personalize ads and only use that data for measurement purposes.

User properties are attributes that describe groups of your user base, such as their language preferences or geographic locations. You can use user properties to define audiences.

For example, you can set a user property called favorite_food, which you can use to record each user’s favorite food. You can use the data to segment users by their favorite food.

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