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To understand how many users are coming from various devices, like computers or mobile phones, you run a report that shows this data, per device, over the past 30 days. In this report, which of these is considered a “metric” in Google Analytics?

  • The date range setting for the last 30 days
  • Where users came from before reaching your site
  • The device types, desktops and mobile phones
  • How many users were on mobile phones

The correct answer is: How many users were on mobile phones

Metrics are quantitative measurements. The metric Sessions is the total number of sessions. The metric Pages/Session is the average number of pages viewed per session.

user metrics are calculated in two basic ways:

As overview totals

where the metric is displayed as a summary statistic for your entire site, such as bounce rate or total pageviews.

In association with one or more reporting dimensions

where the metric value is qualified by selected dimension(s).

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