What is one way to control ad frequencies across multiple insertion orders?

  • Assign a frequency cap to each creative
  • Create insertion order budget segments
  • Set recency targeting
  • Set campaign-level frequency caps

The correct answer is: Set campaign-level frequency caps

Explanation: Campaign-level frequency caps work across multiple insertion orders. If you set a frequency cap in a campaign, serving will stop once the first cap at any level (campaign, insertion order, or line item) is reached. If you don’t set a cap at the campaign level, you can control the frequency at the insertion order- and line item levels.
Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/7205081

Explanation: You can set a frequency cap for an individual line item, for all of the line items in insertion order, or for all of the insertion orders in a campaign. Start by opening a line item or insertion order, and click the Details tab at the top. If you want to set a campaign-level frequency cap, navigate to the campaign’s settings.
Read more here: https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/2696786

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