Which three rotation settings are available in Studio? (select three)Select All Correct Responses

  • Sequential
  • Weighted
  • Random
  • Optimized

The correct answers are: Weighted, Random, and Optimized

Explanation: In the Rotation drop-down, select a dynamic rotation option. Rotation options only apply when the filtering rule or dynamic strategy above results in more than one eligible row. For example, if you’re a geo-targeting feed that includes more than one eligible row for Paris, choose a rotation option to decide which row to serve.

  • Optimized rotation: Over time, the best-performing rows are selected more often
  • Random rotation: Rows are selected randomly
  • Weighted rotation: Rows are selected according to their proportional weight over the total eligible for the impression

Read more here:https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/2871761

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