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Sam Altman Denies OpenAI Search Engine Launch Ahead of Google I/O


In a recent development, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has refuted claims of an impending search engine launch from OpenAI, setting the record straight amidst escalating speculation.

Key Points:

  • Clarification on Launch: Altman clarified on X that Monday’s announcement would not unveil “GPT-5 or a search engine.” He teased that the upcoming reveal, while secretive, “feels like magic.”
  • Event Details: OpenAI is scheduled to demonstrate the latest updates to its AI chatbot and the GPT-4 model on Monday, just a day before Google’s flagship conference, Google I/O.
  • Rumors Quashed: Despite rumors and a discovered URL hinting at a new search product (, OpenAI confirmed no such engine would be launched. The URL, which displayed an error message, seemed a deliberate setup by the owner and not a standard error page.
  • Future of GPT-5: Altman also hinted that the next iteration of OpenAI’s model, GPT-5, is slated for 2024, though specifics on its release remain under wraps.

Altman’s statements come in the wake of a Reuters report that suggested a potential new search product by OpenAI, potentially positioning it as a direct competitor to Google. The claim gained traction when a URL related to OpenAI hinted at such a development, though it was quickly debunked by Altman himself. As the tech community buzzes with anticipation, all eyes are on Monday’s announcement, eagerly awaiting the “magic” that Altman has promised.


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