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Constant Contact Debuts Automated Branding and Campaign Tools


Constant Contact, a platform known for serving small businesses and non-profits, has expanded its digital and email marketing suite with the introduction of two AI-driven tools: BrandKit and Campaign Builder. These innovations promise to automate and streamline the creation of marketing campaigns while ensuring brand consistency.

  • Introducing BrandKit: This tool simplifies the design process by automatically importing brand assets from web sources to create cohesive themes and templates. This feature eliminates the manual task of uploading fonts, colors, and images for each new campaign, ensuring uniform brand representation across all content.
  • About Campaign Builder: Beyond generating content, this tool also identifies optimal channels for reaching target audiences. Integrated with Constant Contact’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), Campaign Builder can quickly offer tailored recommendations on content, channels, and timing.
  • Why This Matters: BrandKit’s effectiveness hinges on the initial consistency of the brand assets it uses. Despite potential limitations, it represents a significant efficiency boost, particularly for smaller marketing teams or those limited to minimal daily marketing efforts.
  • Efficiency Gains: One user highlighted the impressive capability of Campaign Builder, noting that it could potentially produce a week’s worth of marketing content in mere seconds. While this claim is bold, even moderate time savings would greatly benefit small teams.

These tools mark a strategic enhancement in Constant Contact’s offerings, aiming to empower marketers with smarter, faster, and more consistent campaign management tools. For further details, visit


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