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Your team manages a retail website that customers arrive at from a variety of places including social media, ads, and search engines. Which of these dimensions would you look at to determine whether your website traffic was coming from “organic search,” “referral,” or other areas?

  • Event name
  • Google Ads campaign
  • Page title
  • Default channel grouping

The correct answer is: Default channel grouping

Channel Groupings are rule-based groupings of your traffic sources. Throughout Analytics reports, you can see your data organized according to the Default Channel Grouping, a grouping of the most common sources of traffic, like Paid Search and Direct. This allows you to quickly check the performance of each of your traffic channels.

The channels in the Default Channel Grouping meet the needs of most Analytics users, but if you have specific analysis requirements and want to label your traffic in other ways, you can:

·   Create a Custom Channel Grouping (user level).

·   Create a new Channel Grouping (view level).

·   Edit the Default Channel Grouping (view level).

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