Latest Search Engine Marketing Interview Questions and Answers – For Hiring 3-5 Years Experienced Manager – Part 1

If you want to hire a Search engine marketing manager for your firm, assess their experience and Google ads knowledge carefully.

Do not ask just functional questions, put some strategic questions in front of them.

If somebody has even 1 year of experience they can answer your functional questions easily, but it require real working knowledge and experience to answer strategic questions. Here is the list of some very important strategic questions for the candidates of Search Marketing Manager position.

Always start with easy questions. Let them comfortable with the environment. Do not check their capability of tolerating the stress at this time. You can do it later.

List of easy strategical questions from Google Ads

  1. How can Google help our clients?
  2. Why should we offer Google Ads service to our customers when there are other digital marketing techniques?
  3. How soon can a campaign be optimized to deliver results with positive ROI?
  4. Please explain the impact of Call to Action on the revenue?
  5. Have you ever done something in this area? (This question is associated with 4th Q.) This question will help you assess the experience.
  6. What are the landing page elements we should focus on while designing relevant page to our ads?
  7. What have you done in your previous organizations to improve the landing page relevance and quality?
  8. How frequently do you assess the conversions and ROI? (This question will help you understand your candidate’s analytical approach)
  9. Our client want to run shopping ads campaign. how ideally the product feed should be submitted in the merchant center?(There are basically two options. Either upload or submit your feed manually or setup scheduled fetches. This question will help you understand the functional approach of your candidate.)
  10. Ideally, how frequently should we share the KPI data with clients?

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