What dynamic strategy allows flight scheduling of dynamic creatives?

  • Dynamic targeting keys
  • Weighted rotation
  • Campaign Manager Placement ID
  • Start and end date scheduling

The correct answer is: Start and end date scheduling

Explanation: Start and end date scheduling (sometimes referred to as flighting) is an advertising strategy that lets an advertiser set a schedule for when different content displays in the ad.

There are two types of scheduling available:

  • System time: Scheduling is triggered by global UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time). Once a feed is uploaded to Studio, the time settings are automatically converted into global UTC time for serving. If no time zone is included in the feed, then US Pacific Time is the default.
  • User time: Scheduling is triggered based on the user’s time. If an ad is eligible to be served from 12PM to 2PM, it will be served during those hours, irrespective of where the user is located. Timezones cannot be included and will result in feed transformation errors when user time is selected.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/3405207

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