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CallTrackingMetrics Partners with SearchKings to Enhance Client Services


CallTrackingMetrics, a leading provider of call-tracking and analytics solutions, has announced a significant partnership with SearchKings, a top search engine marketing agency. This collaboration marks CallTrackingMetrics’ first “certified” partnership and aims to expand their service offerings to clients by integrating advanced search marketing capabilities.

Under this new partnership, SearchKings will offer specialized services such as Google Ads management, Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads), and Google Local Services campaigns to CallTrackingMetrics clients. SearchKings has been a long-time user of the CallTrackingMetrics platform, leveraging its tools to enhance transparency and efficiency in advertising campaigns.

Todd Fisher, co-founder and CEO of CallTrackingMetrics, expressed his excitement about formalizing the partnership. “SearchKings has played a crucial role in developing our AI products like AskAI. This partnership ensures our clients receive top-tier search marketing services backed by our industry-leading call tracking and analytics,” Fisher stated.

Matthew Marcus, CIO of SearchKings, highlighted the transformative impact of CallTrackingMetrics on their business. “The integration of CallTrackingMetrics software has provided unparalleled visibility into our advertising campaigns, enabling us to deliver higher quality leads at a lower cost-per-lead. We are eager to extend these benefits to more businesses through this partnership,” said Marcus.

This collaboration sets the stage for other digital marketing agencies to become certified partners with CallTrackingMetrics, offering services such as search advertising, SEO, and social media marketing.

For more information about CallTrackingMetrics and their offerings, visit CallTrackingMetrics. To learn more about SearchKings, visit SearchKings.


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