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Analytics Conversions Renamed to Key Events


In a significant update aimed at clarifying the distinction between Google Analytics and Google Ads, Analytics conversions have been renamed to key events. This change is intended to streamline the user experience and enhance reporting clarity.

Key updates and impacts:

  • No Action Required: Existing setups remain unaffected. Key events are created and reported as previous conversions were in Google Analytics.
  • Linked Accounts: In linked Google Ads accounts, conversions created from Analytics key events will appear as conversions in the Analytics advertising section.
  • Key Event Functionality:
    • Key events measure crucial interactions, such as purchases or newsletter subscriptions.
    • These events appear as key metrics in Analytics reports but aren’t directly eligible for Google Ads reporting or bidding.
  • Conversions from Key Events:
    • Conversions can be generated from key events to optimize ad campaigns.
    • These conversions are shared between Google Ads and Google Analytics, ensuring consistent reporting and eligibility for Google Ads bidding.
  • Future Enhancements:
    • The Analytics advertising section will feature new tools for advertisers, including enhanced conversion reporting capabilities.

For further details, refer to the official support page: Google Analytics Support.

This update marks a strategic move to improve the usability and functionality of Google’s analytical and advertising tools, providing businesses with clearer insights and more efficient campaign management.


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