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Aside from the Google Merchant Center diagnostic interface, how would you expect to be notified of an account suspension?

  • Email notification in Google My Business
  • Email notification in Google Merchant Center and Google Ads
  • Email notification in Google Ads
  • Email notification in Google Merchant Center

The correct answer is: Email notification in Google Merchant Center

It’s important to pay attention to email notifications about account violations and resolve any issues by the associated deadlines. If you don’t request a review during the warning period, your data will be reviewed once more at the end of the warning period.

You’ll receive an email notification that your account has been suspended containing all of the relevant information about the data quality issues and the next steps. Your suspension status will be shown on the Home and the Diagnostics pages of your Merchant Center account. Repeated policy violations can lead to account suspension.

In addition, some items are simply not allowed to be advertised via Shopping ads. If you try to advertise products that aren’t allowed, your entire Merchant Center account will get suspended.

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