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Which of the following is NOT a goal of the Certified Coach program?


A goal that is NOT part of the Certified Coach program is “Adding another initiative for teachers.”

  • Equipping coaches with a research-based model to support effective 1:1 teacher interactions
  • Increasing teacher skillsets in innovative practices and pedagogies
  • Driving impactful technology use
  • Adding another initiative for teachers

The correct answer is: Adding another initiative for teachers

Explanation: The Certified Coach program is centred around empowering coaches to transform teaching practices using technology-driven strategies. It doesn’t aim to add more initiatives for teachers but rather focuses on enhancing existing teaching methods through one-on-one coaching. Coaches are trained to assist educators in integrating technology into their classrooms, tailoring solutions to specific challenges. The program emphasizes coaching expertise, differentiated support for teachers, and measuring transformational impact, rather than introducing new teacher initiatives. This approach ensures sustainable and measurable improvements in student outcomes like critical thinking, communication, creativity, and agency.

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