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Which of these Analytics 360 features would you use to filter data and create a new data set for a specific use case or audience?

  • Data streams
  • Organizations
  • Roll-up properties
  • Subproperties

The correct answer is: Subproperties

A subproperty is a property that gets its data from one other property. The data in a subproperty is typically (but not necessarily) a subset of the data in its source property. Use subproperties to govern.

A property that gets its data from an ordinary property. A subproperty cannot generate events of its own; all events must come from its source property.

A roll-up property contains data from two or more source properties. It can include source data from ordinary properties and subproperties, but not other roll-up properties.

One of the biggest use cases for subproperties is data governance — controlling what data is included or excluded from a property. Subproperties let you filter data in or out to create the data set needed for a specific audience or use case. This allows for better organization of data, making it more easily accessible to certain audiences.

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