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If you have a mobile app, what can you use to collect and send data from the app to your Google Analytics 4 property?

  • Google Ads
  • Website tag
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Firebase SDK

The correct answer is: Firebase SDK

Firebase is Google’s mobile application development platform. It lets you build, improve, and grow your app across many mobile platforms, like Android and iOS.

To connect app data to Analytics, first create a Firebase account if you don’t already have one. Then create a Firebase project within your account.

A Firebase project is a container for your app within the Firebase platform. One Firebase project should contain all versions of a single app: iOS, Android, and web app.

Whether you built your app using Firebase or another platform, the Firebase SDK is how you connect your app to Analytics.

To start collecting basic app-usage data, add the Google Analytics for Firebase (GA4F) SDK to your app (iOS or Android).

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