How to gain Google PR (Page Rank)

Page rank is calculated on approx 200 factors. Most common factors are Website’s usability, Structure, Design, zero errors, loading time, back links and visitors.

Website’s usability: This is first and foremost factor to analyze user’s ease. If a user lands on your webpage then how many pages he is checking it depends on your website’s usability. Navigation path should be clear and there should not be any 404 error in any navigated link. Because not only a simple user but a search engine crawler too travel across your website through these navigational links.

Structure: Structure and hierarchy should be very clear of your website. This hierarchical structure helps to increase website’s usability. Simple hierarchy can get your user engaged for long time rather than complex hierarchy. All relevant information and navigation of page should be visible on landing page.

Design: Websites are designed in either table pattern or in Div pattern. Table pattern take time to load due to huge and lengthy coding where as Div take lesser time to lead in browser at any connection. Code is also not lengthy as tables have. That’s why SEOs prefer to design website in Div.
As far as the usages of images and flash file is concern, gone are the days when flash files were avoided to use in webpage. New algo of Google is capable to crawl flash file too. But while making flash file you should not forget to put Meta descriptions in flash file. Instead of using images in flash files you should consider to use text in any animated design.

Zero error: Error free page gets extra weightage in ranking. This error can be either grammatical error or programming error. I mean to say your content should be error free. There should not be any grammatical error or spelling error. You are not permitted to use band name by changing its spelling to target audience.

Programming error can be javascript error, css error and 403 forbidden 404 non found errors. You should avoid these errors in your website. It would be good practice if you make your website W3C compatible. Even your HTML coding should be validated.

Loading time: Loading time of your website should be extremely less. To reduce loading time you can minify javascript and css. Use div instead of table while developing website. CSS files should be place on single place. Use page elements as minimum as possible. Flash can bind your user but increase page loading time too.

Backlinks: Even Back links are a most important part to call page rank on webpage. But these back links should be relevant website and that website should have either ranking in search engine with relevant keyword or there traffic should be generated. If your are getting back links from website which have decent page rank, it would help you to get page rank as well as ranking over search engines. The links should not be with “no follow” attribute otherwise you will not get advantage of their assigned page ranks.

Visitors: Visitors are keys to get your presence high in search engine. Returning visitors make your website trusted. New visitors with great page views and spent time pass positive message to search engine. If your average page views and spent time are higher than your competitor you are given extra numbers and priority while assigning page rank.

This is all about mechanism to generate page rank. I hope now your page rank will be 8. Congratulations in advance.

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