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Dedicated one-to-one training class to make you understand the Google Ads concepts.

Get Google's verifiable certificates with a unique blockchain ID.

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Save Time

You can get the certificate in first attempt and few minutes.


Pay only after the exam. Payment accepted through PayPal.


No need to share login credentials. Identity is never disclosed.

About Us

I have been helping agencies and professionals for last 10 years to pass the exams in the very first attempt.

Time and Fees

I can take just 30 minutes (maximum) to get your exam completed. It costs just €25. Discount is available for the bundle.

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Google Analytics Exam Certificate
Google Ads Search Exam Certificate
Google Ads Display Exam Certificate
Google Ads Shopping Exam Certificate
Google Ads Apps Exam Certificate
Google Ads Video Exam Certificate

What My Clients Say:

My Clients Write:

I am happy with the job he does. I have hired him twice. This guy not only saved my time but also practice his business very ethically. The best part of service is that you need to pay only after the exam.
James Powell
(Marketing Head)
Tried their service first time. These guys (Team of a Gentle Lady and Gentle Man ) are awesome. If you have knowledge and experience then there is nothing wrong to get the exam's hassle outsourced. --
Nikki Doe
(Digital Marketing Strategist)

Hire for Just a Single Exam. Try the service and Pay Only After The Exam.

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