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How to maintain Google partner badge with latest 2021 policy?

The biggest change in the policy is that you need to have 50% of eligible users Google ads certified. It means you need to make your client do certification exams before bringing on the Google Ads Manager account (Earlier known as MCC). This is not possible.

How will you make him (your client) do the Google Ads certification?

Clue: Google needs 50%, certified users.

Solution: It means your client has half value if he is not Google Ads certified. Make him complete by adding half from your side.

How is it possible?

Just make a dummy Google account as soon as the client comes on board. Do all the necessary exams from your dummy account. This process will help you maintain the eligibility of having 50% Google ads certified users.

Is it feasible to maintain the certifications of these dummy accounts?

Yes, It is. If you are running out of time to maintain these dummy users’ certifications, just have me do it quickly. I can take all the exams within a day. I am already managing 100+ accounts of various digital marketing agencies.

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